Diet Lunch

Recipe #1--Try a fiber-rich bean, split pea, vegetable,
or minestrone soup. Use commercially canned and frozen soups
and cream soups less often--they can be high in sodium and fat.
If you make your own soup, use broth or skim milk to keep the
fat content low.

Recipe #2--Have a bean salad or mixed greens with plenty
of vegetables. For fiber include some vegetables like--carrots,
broccoli, cauliflower, and kidney or garbanzo beans. For a
low-fat dressing, try lemon juice or a reduced-calorie
dressing. If you use regular dressing, use only a very small

Recipe #3--Try sandwiches made with water-packed tuna,
sliced chicken, turkey, lean meat, or low-fat cheese, and use
whole-grain bread or pita bread. To decrease fat, use
reduced-calorie mayonnaise, or just a small amount of regular
mayonnaise, or use mustard. Mustard contains no fat.
Strategy #4--For dessert, have fresh fruit, low-fat
yogurt, or a frozen fruit bar.

Recipe #5--Fruit juice and skim milk are good beverage
choices. Club soda with a twist of lemon or lime, hot or iced
tea with lemon, or coffee without cream are refreshing drinks.
At lunch, try to eat these foods less often: processed
luncheon meats, fried meat, chicken, or fish; creamy salads,
french fries and chips, richer creamy desserts, high-fat baked
goods, and high-fat cheeses such as Swiss, cheddar, American,
and Brie.

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