Dinner Recipe

Recipe #1--Eat a variety of vegetables. To increase
variety, try some that might be new to you, such as those from
the cabbage family (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower,
and cabbage), dark-green leafy vegetables (spinach and kale),
and yellow-orange vegetables (winter squash and sweet
potatoes). For old favorites, like peas and green beans, skip
the butter and sprinkle with lemon juice or herbs. Or, how
about a baked potato, with the skin, and topped with low-fat
yogurt and chives, tomato salsa, or a small amount of low-fat

Recipe #2--Try whole wheat pasta and casseroles made
with brown rice, bulgur, and other grains. If you are careful
with preparation, these dishes can be excellent sources of
fiber and low in fat. For example, when milk and eggs are
ingredients in a recipe, try using 1 percent or skim milk,
reduce the number of egg yolks and replace with egg whites.
Here are some ideas for grain-based dishes:
--Whole wheat spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce;
--Whole wheat macaroni and chickpea stew in tomato sauce;
--Tuna noodle casserole, using water-packed tuna (or rinsed,
oil-packed tuna), skim milk, and fresh mushrooms or sliced
water chestnuts;
--Turkey, broccoli and brown rice casserole using skim milk
and egg whites;
--Eggplant lasagna, made with broiled eggplant and part-skim
mozzarella or ricotta cheese.

Recipe #3--Substitute whole-grain breads and rolls for
white bread.

Recipe #4--Choose main dishes that call for fish,
chicken, turkey or lean meat. Don't forget to remove the skin
and visible fat from poultry and trim the fat from meat. Some
good low-fat choices are:
--Red snapper stew;
--Flounder or sole florentine (make the cream sauce with
skim milk);
--Salmon loaf (use skim milk, rolled oats, and egg whites);
--Baked white fish with lemon and fennel;
--Chicken cacciatore Italian-style (decrease the oil in the
--Chicken curry served over steamed wild rice (choose a
recipe that requires little or no fat; "sauté" the onions
in chicken broth instead of butter);
--Light beef stroganoff with well-trimmed beef round steak
and buttermilk served over noodles;
--Oriental pork made with lean pork loin, green peppers and
pineapple chunks served over rice.

Recipe #5--Choose desserts that give you fiber but little
fat such as:
--Baked apples or bananas, sprinkled with cinnamon;
--Fresh fruit cup;
--Brown bread or rice pudding made with skim milk;
--Oatmeal cookies (made with margarine or vegetable oil; add

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