Diet Breakfast

Recipe #1--Choose fruit more often. Just a few great
choices in the fruit family are: cantaloupe, grapefruit,
strawberries, oranges, bananas, pears, and apples.

Recipe #2--Choose whole-grain cereals and products more
often. Examples are whole wheat or bran breads, bagels, and

Recipe #3--Try making pancakes and waffles with whole
wheat flour instead of white flour and one whole egg and one
egg white rafter than two whole eggs. For a low-fat topping
with fiber, try applesauce, apple butter and cinnamon, or fruit
and low-fat plain yogurt.

Recipe #4--Fruit juice and skim milk are familiar
breakfast drinks. For an extra boost in the morning, why not
try a fruit smoothie made from juice, fruit and nonfat plain
yogurt blended together. Other nonfat choices are seltzer
water, coffee, and tea.

These breakfast choices are sound nutrition choices
because they are not only low in fat and cholesterol but also
provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Some foods that you
should choose less often are sausage, bacon, butter, whole milk
and cream (including commercial nondairy creamer). These foods
are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

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